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Welcome to the website of David Jackson, author of a series of crime thriller novels featuring New York detective Callum Doyle.

In my books I try to include all the things I like to see in a crime novel: dedicated cops who are tough but have a sense of humor; an original plot with the occasional surprising twist thrown in; and, interspersed with all the fascinating detective work, some heart-stopping moments of action and suspense. Above all, I want the lead character to be neither heroically perfect nor cripplingly flawed, but more representative of a normal person who is then thrown into extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

If this list ticks all the right boxes for you too, then I hope you will give my books a try. To find out more, please feel free to explore the other pages of this site. These contain further details about the books, some biographical information, the latest news, and a link to my blog. There is also the opportunity to contact me directly with your comments.

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